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US government raises nearly US$6 million from solar land auction

More than US$5.8 million of high bids were made on Tuesday for the right develop solar energy projects on public land in Nevada, at an auction hosted by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Six parcels of land in the designated Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone in Dry Lake Valley, Clark County, Nevada were opened up to prospective developers.

“Since President Obama took office, the BLM renewable energy program has been a huge success, having permitted 52 projects capable of leveraging US$36.6 billion dollars in investment for clean energy,” said Neil Kornze, BLM director.

“The historic results from today’s auction validate the smart development approach of the Western Solar Plan, just as they show that business is ready to come to the table in support of a clean energy future,” he added.

The increased use of public land for solar energy projects was part of President Obama’s climate action plan.

A previous auction in Colorado stalled after receiving no bids. That auction took place on the final day of the Solar Power International Convention in Chicago.