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Tile Roof Mount

Tile Roof Mount


The CY Solar Tile Replacement were design for residential tile roof, imitating the sharp the tile, there are three available options for Flat tile, S tile and W tile.

Since this replacement tile solar rack is made of aluminum and stainless steel, the strong corrosion resistance makes it 50 years of service life, and we will provide 20 years warranty.

By using the Aluminum flashing replaces the traditional tile, the steps of cutting, drilling, replace the broken tiles and install rails can be omitted, This racking system helps the installer save about 50% of installation time than traditional rail system.

The tile replacement rack use two layers of flashing, base flashing and Aluminum tile, compare with single layer flashing, Its good sealing makes the better waterproof.

Due to the different service life of the roof, the flatness of each roof will be different, the adjustment function of the tile replacement rack helps the installer to solve this problem.

1. Aluminum flashing replaces the traditional tile.
2. Tile type diversification, Flat , S sharped and W sharped tiles
3. No cutting, no drilling, no grinding or replacement of tile.
4. Two layers of flashing makes the sealing better.
5. Easy for packing and shipping
6. All fasteners included.
7. Save 50% of installation time.
8. 50 years service life and 20years warranty
9. Color optional:Black or silver
10. Easy for packing and shipping