Solar Aluminum Racking system CY-ZJ03

CY-ZJ03 is a ground mounted system made by Aluminum alloy. The excellent corrosion resistanceof aluminum alloy makes this bracket suitable for highly corrosive environment, such as the seaside, industrial agglomeration area, etc . The lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install.The services life of this mounting system is 25 years, and CY Solar offers 15 years warranty.

1. Material: Aluminum alloy

2..Corrosion resistance grade: C5M

3.Wind load: Up to 60m/s

4. Snow load: 2KN/M2

5.Tilt angle: Adjustable 0~60 degrees

Components list

① Basic bracket

② Aluminuml Rail

③ Rail fastener

④ Rail splice

⑤ Mid clamp

⑥ End clamp

⑦ Base 1

⑧ Base 2

⑨ Back cross pipe

⑩ Ground screw