Solar Ground Racking System CY-ZJ02

CY-ZJ02 is a ground solar racking structure made by U steel, High quality of hot deep galvanizing treatment provide the racking system a long lasting durability and anti-corrosion. Customers can customize the tilt angle, ground clearance, length and orientation of the module arrangement according to their requirements. 15 years warranty and 25 years services life maximize the effect of the racking system.

1.Material: Hot Deep Galvanized steel

2.Foundation:Concrete, ground screw, rammed post

3.Tilt angle: 0~60degrees (customized)

4..Wind load: Up to 50m/s

5. Snow load: 1.8KN/M2

Components list

① Basic bracket

② Steel rail

③ Rail splice

④back cross pipe

⑤ mid clamp

⑥ End clamp

⑦ base

⑧ ground screw