Solar Seasonal Adjustable racking system CY-ZJ05

CY-ZJ05 is an adjustable grounding mounted system.Depending on the season, we can manually adjust the angle of the bracket to maximize its exposure to sunlight .The adjust range is between 0 to 60 degrees.Hot deep galvanized steel provide this structure a 25 years service life, and CY Solar offers 15 years warranty.

1. Configuration: Landscape or Portrait

2. Module type: Framed and unframed

3. Wind load: Up to 50m/s

4.Snow Load: 1.8KN/M2

5. Tilt angle: Adjustable 0~60 degrees

Components list

① Basic bracket

② Steel rail

③ Rail splice

④ Back cross pipe

⑤ Mid clamp

⑥ End clamp

⑦ ground screw